Every Sunday we have gathering in the mandir. You are welcome to become a host for the Sunday of your choice. Our calendar fills up pretty quickly hence it is advisable to pick a Sunday you would like to host early enough. Calendar is placed in the mandir where you can write your name and your contact information for the Sunday you desire. You should reach mandir by 11:00 so puja can be done for you before the weekly programs begins. Aarti is performed at 1:00 p.m. followed by prasad. There are two options for hosting:

1. You may want to cook with the help of your friends and family. We have an excellent kitchen facility at the mandir and you may cook there. Please try to keep the offerings simple and Satvik. It goes without saying there should be NO ONION OR GARLIC. Most devotees like to cook roti or puri, daal, vegetable, rice and raita. Please feel free to add dessert if you prefer. Generally we cook for about 150 people.

2. If you like mandir can arrange the prasad for you. Simple menu like above can be served for $501. Some vegetable options are slightly more expensive and hence may cost a little extra. If you would like to add dessert it costs $100 extra. You will need to bring paper goods. If you choose that paper good be provided for you it is $40.

If you have any questions please contact us at eventsHosting@hwshouston.org.