The Hindu Worship Society of Houston, founded in 1969, is a non-profit, non-political organization serving the religious, cultural, and social needs of Hindus. The society is registered at both the federal and State government levels.

The society is dedicated to preserving the religious, cultural, and social backgrounds of the Hindu community. It is also dedicated to fostering understanding between U.S. citizens and residents who are Hindus and their fellow Americans.


  • Promotion and practice the Hindu way of life through fellowship, worship, and mutual assistance;
  • Construct and preserve Hindu mandir{s) and community guest house (dharmashlas) in Houston;
  • Promote the Hindu culture by learning from scriptures, teachers, and saints.
  • Provide instruction in Hinduism.


  • Performing worships and puja,
  • Performing Hindu ceremonies and rites,
  • Observing Hindu holidays and cultural events, and sponsoring other such activities conforming to Hindu religion and culture.