Shiv ji's murtee for renovated mandir


There is a remarkable religious tolerance embedded within the pantheon of countless Hindu gods and goddesses, allowing anyone to experience the divine in the way that suits best at a particular time. This also explains how it is possible for many different Hindu gods and goddesses to be worshiped by members of one and the same Hindu family.

In HWS, there are idols of various forms gods such as "Radhe-Krishna", "Maa Durga", "Ram-Sita-Laxman", "Lord Shiva" which makes it unique and deities across all religion can be welcomed.





HWS on various occassions organizes cultural events where-in performers from different back grounds showcase their talent.

HWS also serves as a solid platform to various NGOs who like to contribute towards the development of the society.

Representatives from across the nation are welcomed here to speak about their mission and achievement.